Kenny Chesney Doesn’t Have A Lot Of “Yes People” In His Camp

It’s about time for Kenny Chesney to release new music, right? Maybe. He was asked about it at the Tortuga Festival and he said things are coming along, but at there own pace.

He said, “it’s easy to rush it and it’s easy to put music out when people think it might be time, but I think I’ve earned the right to get it right. I mean, I love it now, but I want to be in love.”

He’s not the only one who has to love the music. He relies on people he trusts for their opinions. They tell him the truth, which is exactly how he likes it.

Kenny said, “lucky for me, I don’t have a lot of ‘yes’ people in my camp. And that’s really important. I have a lot of people within my circle, within my camp that have really good song sense.  I’ve been blessed that way.”

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