STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Buffalo Wild Wings Employee Didn’t Want To Work, So She Called In A Fake Shooting Threat

Whatever happened to just playing hooky the old-school way and not the stupid way?

A 21-year-old woman in New York named Jayleen Mota was recently hired by Buffalo Wild Wings…but she didn’t want to go into work last weekend, so she hatched a really dumb plan.

She sent text messages to random people claiming that someone was going to “shoot up” that Buffalo Wild Wings location.  She said it’d be a “massacre” and “lots of people are going down.”

She knew people would believe her and warn the restaurant because, unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time in America. She should’ve known that they’d also call the police, who could easily trace the messages back to her. 

Jayleen was arrested, and is looking at up to five years in prison. 

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