Jon Pardi Is The First Native Californian Invited To Join The Grand Ole Opry

Jon Pardi got a huge surprise while performing at Stagecoach. His buddy Guy Fieri was on stage with him, and he introduced Alan Jackson, who appeared on the video screen with a very important message.

Alan said, quote, “The Grand Ole Opry has always meant a lot to me and everybody in country music and I’ve been appreciating your music ever since you were touring with me a few years ago. So I get the honor to invite you in front of all your Stagecoach friends out there to be the first native of California to become an official member of the Grand Ole Opry. So, congratulations, Jon. Here’s to you.” 

Now if you’re wondering about Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, who are the Bakersfield Sound guys. Yes…both performed at the Opry, neither were members. Plus, only Merle was a native of California and Buck was actually born in Texas. 

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