Garth Brooks Will Embrace A.I. If It Ever Writes A Really Great Song

The whole artificial intelligence thing is a little intimidating to say the least, but here’s one person who’s at least open to being a fan.

Garth Brooks talked about A.I. at the Country Radio Seminar conference in Nashville last week, and said that if it can ever write a really great song ( hopefully not), he’ll have to embrace it.

Garth said, “if an A.I. program writes a song that kills me and makes me cry, isn’t that what songwriting is all about?  If it gets to that level, I have to be thankful I get to be a fan that one of those songs touches.”

He talked about how our “heart” is what differentiates us from machines and Garth also mentioned “it’s man against machine”. That’s the damn truth.

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Why Are Ashley McBryde and Carly Pearce Planning to Have a Tea Party?

Somebody asked Ashley McBryde where she stores the Grammy she and Carly Pearce won for “Never Wanted to Be That Girl”.  Her answer was…she hasn’t gotten it yet.

It takes three or four months for statues to arrive because there are “all sorts of engraving” that has to be done. She said it will get its own space, which is what she did with her trophy for becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

There’s going to be a celebration too, but don’t even try to guess what kind.  Ashley said, “Carly and I agreed [that] when our Grammys come in we’re going to have a tea party, just like little girls.  

“We’re going to set them and our awards around and we’re going to drink tea, or whatever it is, from a tea cup and just have a tea party about it.”

It’s Official: John Osborne’s Wife Lucie Silvas Gave Birth To Twins

As you may have heard, John Osborne of Brothers Osborne is a dad now.

His wife Lucie Silvas gave birth to twins early yesterday morning, and he shared the news on Instagram. He captioned the post saying quote, “welcome to this crazy world, Arthur and Maybelle.  It’s going to be a wild one.  Lucie-Silvas…you’re a damn boss.”

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Always Always Always Check The Toilet Before Using It Or Cleaning It

This is exactly what I imagine nightmares to be and how they start.

Snakes, rats, spiders and bats do not belong the toilet. Note to self and a friendly reminder. Always always always check the for anything that doesn’t belong there.

If anything living happens to be found…please restore to burning the toilet and the bathroom to the ground for safety reasons. Please don’t burn anything…but you are free to leave the bathroom immediately…for a safer room. While screaming like a…you get the point.

You could use a baseball bat to kill whatever the devil hid your toilet though. It’s actually safer than setting anything inside of your house on fire. Which would be hard to explain to the insurance company. Just do you and watch out for bats in your toilet.

STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A City Is Catching Heat For Its New Slogan, “Show Us Your Regina”

This is some good clean Canadian fun…minus the clean part.

The capital city of Saskatchewan, Canada is REGINA  (Rhymes with “vagina.”). The tourism board is catching heat after deciding to lean into the obvious joke people make.

They launched a new ad campaign last week with a few slogans that aren’t subtle at all:  “Show Us Your Regina” . . . and Regina, “The City That Rhymes with Fun.”

They also changed the name of their group. It used to be “Tourism Regina,” and now it’s “Experience Regina.” It’s a nod to a dumb song about the name that went viral in 2008.

A lot of proud Regina residents didn’t find the rebrand funny, or at least don’t want their city represented that way. So, it’s already been cancelled. The group’s CEO is a guy named Tim Reid, who was VERY proud of the campaign at first apologized on Sunday.

He told a reporter the board was trying to “own” the joke, but obviously “went too far” with it. Now it sounds like his job might be in jeopardy. 

Luke Combs’ Wife Nicole Is Pregnant With Baby Boy Number Two

There was a big announcement from the Luke Combs family and it was really good news too.

His wife Nicole is pregnant again. He shared the news yesterday on Instagram and wrote, “Joining the two under two club. Baby boy #2 is coming this September.” 

As for their son (big brother) Tex…he’ll be turning one on June 19th!

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Willie Nelson Is Becoming A Commercial Star…He’s In A March Madness Commercial Now

If you haven’t seen it, Willie Nelson steals the show in another commercial. Now he’s starting in a Capital One March Madness commercial. 

He performs “On the Road Again” through a CB Radio while Charles BarkleySamuel L. Jackson, and Jennifer Garner sing along in the front seat of semi. Jim Nantz and Spike Lee are in a car one lane over singing it too.

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Lainey Wilson and Lukas Nelson Are Releasing A New Song This Friday

Here’s a collaboration we need. Lainey Wilson and Lukas Nelson recorded a song together called “More Than Friends”, and it’s coming out Friday.

Each of them posted a split-screen tease on Instagram.  Lukas is playing guitar and singing as Lainey joins him and adds a few comments.

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