The Truth About Dylan Schneider

We got to hang out with Dylan Schneider in a 1998 camper which we later realized is actually older than he is. Dylan took us back to junior high and we took him back to the late 90’s and the 70’s when we asked him if his father was Deuce Bigalow Male Jigalow or one of the Duke’s of Hazard??? Shockingly we were both wrong.



Heads Up Masters! Ashlee & the Longshot Revival

While Brian was trying to recover from passing out face first in the grass the night before…I ventured out by myself to play Heads Up! with Ashlee and the Longshot revival. This round of Heads Up went a lot better than any other we’ve played. I have to wonder…Is Ashlee that good? Or is Brian that bad? I may never know. – Amber

Tattoos and Tarot with the Cadillac Three

We got to hang out on the tour bus with the Cadillac Three before their show at the Ogden Theater in Denver. They were very cool laid back guys. We decided the best way to spend our time with them would be to play “Hillbilly Tarot” a game that I made up using Drunk, Stoned or Stupid cards. -Amber