When Fun Goes Wrong…It’s Funny To Watch

When you’re having fun the last thing you need is for something to go wrong.

It does go wrong though…because that’s life. It likes to ruin fun and it’s comical to watch. Lets be real.

Welcome to summer y’all!

STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: The URL On Old Maryland License Plates Lead To A Filipino Gambling Website

Here’s another lesson in securing online domains. The state of Maryland has 800,000 people driving around advertising a gambling website in the Philippines for free on their license plates.

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has just admitted that their “War of 1812” license plates the default plate in the state from 2012 to 2016…has a URL that now points to an overseas gambling site.

The domain is StarSpangled200.org, and it was originally affiliated with a nonprofit that raised money for bicentennial projects and events. But they either stopped paying for the domain, or gave it up. And an opportunistic gambling website that has nothing to do with the American patriotism snagged it.

Maryland estimates that the URL is printed on 798,000 active license plates…and they’re making it clear that they have nothing to do with the current website.

They say they’re “working on options to resolve the issue,” but that’s probably going to cost a lot if they’re even able to get it back. 

Dolly Parton Earned Three Guinness World Records

Dolly Parton earned THREE new Guinness World Records. This is just one of the reasons Dolly is a queen.

  1. She has the most albums released by a female country singer.
  2. She had the most Top 10 entries on the Top Country Albums chart for a female artist.
  3. She’s also the female artist with the longest span of number one hits on the Top Country Albums chart.

Ashley McBryde Is Spilling The Tea This Friday

Not exactly sure what this news is tomorrow coming from Ashley McBryde…but I’m here for it.

She’s apparently spilling the tea this Friday with “The Devil I Know”. Ashley posted a video tease on all of her socials and more than likely it’s a new video to accompany the song.

As long as she ain’t spilling sweet tea…it should be good. You can spill unsweet tea all day…cause I ain’t drinking that.

Will Morgan Wallen, Hardy, and Ernest Form a Supergroup?

Morgan Wallen has reportedly talked with his buddies Hardy and Ernest about forming a super group…but there’s nothing in the works as of yet.

In an interview with “Billboard”, Hardy said, “we’ve definitely talked about it. I think it would be awesome [and] I think it would do really well and would set up a tour perfectly.” 

By the way, Morgan will return from six weeks of vocal rest in late June. He just announced that his first shows back will be June 22nd and 23rd at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Cody Johnson Threatened to Beat Up Two Fans for Fighting at His Show

Cody Johnson had to go full “turn this car around” dad mode when he saw two idiots fighting at his show in Virginia on Saturday.

They were right up front by the stage, and he was NOT having it. Someone posted a video where Cody lays into them.

He said if they didn’t cool it, he’d stop the show and have them kicked out. Then he threatened to do it himself if necessary.

There were some younger fans there. He said, quote, “if y’all bump into one of these kids, you’ll have me jumpin’ off the stage.”

Before he was famous, Cody was a professional bull rider, and also worked as a prison guard. So, yeah, he’s a guy you don’t want to mess with.

“Never Apologize For Being Patriotic…F*ck ‘Em” Are Words Of Wisdom From Toby Keith

Toby Kieth represents country patriots with pride and I can respect that.

I still believe in standing up for the flag and our national anthem out of respect…for those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Big Dog Toby ain’t afraid to say how he feels about the love he has for our great country and he feels you shouldn’t be ashamed to show you patriotism neither.

This Memorial Day weekend remember what it’s truly about. It’s about honoring those who gave their life for all our freedoms…that a lot of us take for granted sometimes.