It’s The Eagles And The Chiefs For Super Bowl 2023

Super Bowl 57 is set. It’ll be the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Kansas City Chiefs on February 12th at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The Eagles beat up on the San Francisco 49ers yesterday, 31 to 7.  Then the Chiefs barely squeaked by the Cincinnati Bengals 23 to 20 with a field goal with just seconds on the clock.

The Chiefs open as slight favorites (they’re not my favorite…just be clear). They’re 2 and 2 in previous Super Bowl appearances.

The Eagles have been to the Big Game three times. They only won once, against the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

Zach Bryan said if the Eagles win the Super Bowl…he’s getting a tattoo and he’s tweeting out good vibes.

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Ashley Cooke Just Gave Us A Snippet Of Tyler Hubbard’s “5 Foot 9” From A Woman’s POV

I’m sure you’ve probably heard Tyler Hubbard’s “5 Foot 9” song on the radio by now. Probably even on accident, because you had the radio on.

Well…Ashley Cooke reworked the song and gave us the version from a woman’s point of view. It’s really good and she definitely has my vote to record this version. Sooner rather than later.

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Blake Shelton Covered A Wynonna Song On His TikTok

There’s nothing like 90s country music and it’s even better when someone like Blake Shelton covers one.

Blake Shelton covered a piece of a Wynonna Judd song from the 90s and now I want the want song re-recorded…and released. It’s the small things that matter most. Like 90s country music being covered on TikTok for me.

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STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Does A Robot Bartender Deserve A Tip?

A TikTok’er shared video of a robot bartender making his cocktail and on the touchscreen where he’s paying for it, there’s a 10% service charge. 

He says, “I wouldn’t mind an automatic 10% tip for making my drink, but you’re a robot.”

It sparked a little debate on whether a robot deserves a tip. My answer is no by the way. It’s a damn robot. They don’t have bills to pay.

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Craig Campbell Has New Music Coming Out This Friday January 27th

Craig Campbell is one of my favorite people in the country music community. He’s definitely a person who can call a friend.

The country music industry has been hard on him and little unforgiving. Craig also has one of the best voices in this business and the man represents country music damn well.

To be honest. “Outskirts Of Heaven” will go down as one the best country songs ever…and it never made it to #1. Country radio ignored that hit…like they usually do now days. Mainly because a lot of programmers think country fans only want to hear a pop country song with a hook. They couldn’t be more wrong. We as country music fans still like traditional country music that talks about real life. Three chords and the truth will never get old.

I’m happy to see Craig Campbell doing on his thing in creating his own music on his own label. He’s finally got a double album coming and part one of that collection comes out This Friday…January 27th.

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Little Big Town Announced The Dates Of Their 2023 Tour

Little Big Town announced the dates of their “Friends of Mine” tour. It’ll kick-off April 13th in Birmingham, Alabama and run into July. 

They the announcement on their Facebook page saying, “been dying to share this news. Beyond excited to bring our “Friends of Mine” tour to a city near you. Sign up now for presale access at

Now this is just a guess here, but it could be just the first leg of the tour because there are only 10 shows.

Pre-sales will start Tuesday, 1/31 at 10am local venue time. General on sale starts Friday, 2/3 at 10am local venue time. Atlanta on sale is on 2/3 at 12pm local venue time.

You can find out more at

Cole Swindell Has A New Song Coming Called “Drinkaby”

One things for certain. Country music that mentions drinking is just a part of the lifestyle and I’m okay that.

Cole Swindell teased on his Instagram that he’s got a new song coming with the caption, “I got a song…I’m bout to sing it…

The song is called “Drinkaby”! It drops this Friday January 27th and will be available wherever you stream music.

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Here’s The Lineup For The 10th Faster Horses Festival

Time flies. The Faster Horses Festival is about to celebrate their 10th year. Yes. We said they’re 10th year already.

Faster Horses is going down July 14th through the 16th in Brooklyn, Michigan. As usual, the lineup is amazing.

Performers include Shania Twain, Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan, Dwight Yoakam, Dylan Scott, Dustin Lynch, Kameron Marlowe, Tenille Townes, Blanco Brown, and Megan Moroney to name a few.

Details for the festival and ticket info are at

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Garth Brooks Asked Congress To Make Ticket Scalping Illegal

It might seem like everybody hates Ticketmaster, but one of the biggest country stars in the world, doesn’t. Garth Brooks would like to call your attention to the real enemy…ticket scalpers.

He wrote a letter to Congress, asking to have them banned. He started it off by praising Ticketmaster and he said he’s worked with them for many years. What he witnessed was “a true concern and care for ticket buyers.” 

He even said he’s “grown to love and trust the people at Ticketmaster.” Then he presented his case. 

He said, “my question is, as a country, why don’t we make scalping illegal? The crush of bots during an on-sale is a huge reason for program failure no matter who the ticket selling company is. And the one who always pays for this atrocity is the customer. Making scalping illegal eliminates bots, eliminates dynamic pricing controversies, [and] puts less pressure on the system because it puts everyone on a level playing field.

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Hillbillies Can Dance And Make S’mores

Hillbillies are known for taking care of shit. They don’t need a lot of help when it comes fixing things…or dancing.

Amber found these dancing hillbillies on TikTok and I could see her dancing like this. This is also the main reason I don’t dance. It’s so I don’t look dumber than I already do.

Now we introduce you to the “Hillbilly S’more” and they look like adult “Hillbilly S’mores” to be honest.

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