Meet Your New ACM Awards Host, Keith Urban!

Keith Urban moved to Nashville about 28 years ago and he finally gets a chance to host the ACM Awards! He’s one of the nicest people in the industry and he’s known for taking time to have a real conversation with fans…including us.


“As if having a new song out today wasn’t enough, I also get to host the ACM’s in April,” said Urban in a press release. “I’ll tell you — this year already feels like the most creative and energized year of my life… and there’s so much more to come. Incredibly grateful — and ready to roll!”

Keith Urban will be the host of the upcoming 55th Academy of Country Music Awards on April 5th on CBS and yes we’ll be watching!


Neal McCoy’s Bus Went Down In Flames!

We are so glad Neal McCoy and his crew are okay. Neal McCoy live streamed his tour bus going up in flames and encouraged concerned fans to make a donation to his preferred charity instead of himself. Neal is truly one of the nicest guys you can ever meet. We had the privilege of hanging out with him in Las Vegas for New Years a few years ago and we couldn’t stop laughing. He knows how to own a stage and his music is pretty damn good too! Be sure to check out his Facebook page for the pledge of allegiance every morning! He never misses a morning of doing our pledge!


Travis Denning Played Some Kerosene!

Travis Denning is an all around bad ass! He can play guitar with the best of them! He loves Pantera, The Allman Brothers and he can play the hell out of Miranda Lambert’s Kerosene! Recently got a chance to see Travis at the World Famous Grizzly Rose in Denver Colorado and he impressed me…again! He gets better every time I see him play live! It might have ben the fact that I was 4 Jack and Cokes deep but I know I’m a fan of this guy! You can check out Travis Denning on Instagram @travisrdenning and you’ll love his Bachelorette/Bachelor After A Few series he does! Trust me!

For music from Travis Denning and more…check out Hillbilly Live’s Spotify playlist! Follow us while there! It’s greatly appreciated!