Snowmobiles Are Fun…Until You Fall Off Of One

Snowmobiles are so much fun ride. Especially through the mountains in the middle of God’s Country.

When you’re doing anything that involves machinery of any kind. Think about you’re doing and ask yourself if it can be done.

This first video shows how you could wind up walking back down the mountain because your snowmobile decided it had enough.

And, in this video. It shows how a snowmobile can almost break your neck and your soul.

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Side Hustle: A Company Will Pay A Couple $1,000 To Put Together Ikea Furniture

If you and your partner are looking for some extra cash this winter, and you’re willing to test your relationship with a frustrating task, this sounds like the perfect side hustle.

The people at are looking to hire a couple. They’ll pay you $1,000…and give you an additional $1,000 Ikea gift card…and all you have to do is:  Shop for an Ikea bedroom set…put it together and document the ups and downs of the process. 

They’re only looking for one couple . . . but it’s simple to apply.  Just fill out an online form by the deadline, which is Valentine’s Day. Then wait a week to see if you’re chosen.

The only pre-reqs are that you have to live near an Ikea, and have the time to shop and assemble the furniture between February 21st and March 21st. You have to be willing to share photos and videos of your experience. 

Kane Brown Brought A Fan On Stage To Help Him Sing “Thank God”

A Kane Brown fan brought a sign to his show in Munich, Germany asking if she could help him sing “Thank God”.  It worked.  

Kane’s wife Katelyn usually sings it, but she was in the U.S. The fans name is Mariella Meyer and she posted a clip on her Instagram.

It ended up being the last show on his European tour. He wasn’t feeling well, so doctors ordered him to cancel the final two dates. His next scheduled appearance is at the Super Bowl Music Fest on February 11th.

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Luke Bryan Announced A 36-City Summer Tour With A Lot Of Guests

Luke Bryan is hitting the road again this summer. He just announced a 36-city tour, starting June 15th and running through October of this year.

Some big up-and-comers are opening for him, including Chayce Beckham, who won “American Idol” in 2021.  Luke was a judge, so they know each other well. As for other openers include Tyler BradenAshley CookeJackson DeanJon LangstonConner SmithAlana Springsteen, and Hailey Whitters.

All of the summer tour dates are posted on Luke’s website and tickets will officially go on sale Friday February 3rd. Fan club members can get first dibs starting today.

He’s also starting his residency at Resorts World Las Vegas tomorrow, and returning for another season of “Idol”. So he’s going to be a busy man this year.

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Morgan Wallen’s New Album Has 36 Songs On It And Will Be Out March 3, 2023

A lot of people were impressed when Morgan Wallen’s second album, “Dangerous: The Double Album”, had 30 songs? Well that’s child’s play. Yesterday he revealed that his new album, “One Thing at a Time”, has 36 songs on it.

The album will be out March 3rd, but the pre-sale started last night. To celebrate, he released three new songs from it.“Last Night”“Everything I Love”, and “I Wrote the Book”.  There are also duets with a few people you may recognize.

Eric Church joins him on “Man Made A Bar”…Ernest is on “Cowgirls”Hardy is on the song “In The Bible”…and Morgan’s sister Ashlyne Wallen sings harmonies on the track “Outlook”.

Here’s how Morgan describes the album. He said, “it represents the last few years of my life, the highs and the lows. It also brings together the musical influences that have shaped me as an artist…country, alternative, and hip-hop.”

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This Is Another Reason Why I Will NOT Ride A Slingshot Ride

Okay. I’ll admit. I did laugh at this when I first saw this video and I’ll probably go to hell for it.

This video is also another example of why I won’t ride one of these ridiculous slingshot rides. You can see the fear in this poor kids face when he almost slipped out of the ride.

Go ahead. Laugh. If that was you. You wouldn’t be laughing…like Janice.

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Not Sure Who Needs To Hear This…But Can Openers Are Not Needed For Cinnamon Rolls

In all of my years on earth I have never once needed a can opener for cinnamon rolls or biscuits.

If you’ve ever went shopping and bought these products yourself. You’ll see that they are in fact…pretty easy to open with your own two hands. The packaging was made to open with your hands. With no can opener needed.

Now if you have to use a can opener to open these particular packages…to each your own.

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STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: The Next Trend In Laziness: Wearable Beanbag Chairs?

A company in Japan has created WEARABLE beanbag chairs and they’re ridiculous. 

The clearest way to explain them is that you’ll look like Grimace, the purple McDonald’s character. They go on over your head…like a sweater but they’re basically like wearing a “fat suit.”

The idea is that whenever you’re tired…which you WILL be if you’re carrying around all this extra weight…you can just plop down anywhere and you’ll be in a beanbag chair.

They come in four different colors…moss green, natural beige, mocha, and charcoal gray and three different sizes. The child size is about $60…the medium is $80 and the large is about $120. That one weighs 11 pounds.

For now, they’re mostly only being sold in Japan but something tells me there’d be a market for this silliness in the U.S. Mainly because laziness is alive and well in the U.S.

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Luke Bryan Invited Dustin Lynch To Insult Him At The Next “Crash My Playa”

I’m starting to think Luke Bryan’s crude Dustin Lynch intro at Crash My Playa was a PR move. Possibly. I’m assuming here and I’ve been wrong before.

First, it got everyone talking. Then, it got more traction when he issued his apology.

Now on Friday Luke tweeted this devious scheme. He said, “this is 100% happening. @Dustin-Lynch will be in doing my introduction next year at Crash My Playa.  He has 358 days to compose it. You will not wanna miss it.”

Dustin Lynch tweeted a short little reply, “let my homework begin.”

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Dolly Parton Might Have To Kick Mick Jagger’s “Bony Ass”

Last we heard Mick Jagger was the only singer who dared to turn down Dolly Parton’s request to be on her rock album. But Dolly is not done with him. USA Today asked for an update.    

Dolly said, “I wanted a song for just me and Mick, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.  Brandi Carlile and Pink are now singing on it. I’m still waiting for him to come on back. He might come through. If not, I’ll kick his bony ass when I see him.”