STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Showing Your Ass To The Police Never Ends Well

I’m not sure why people think they can do anything they want in front of a police officer, but when you think you can. You deserve whatever is coming to you.

When I was growing up. My mom would remind me constantly that respect is a two way street and when you show someone how disrespectful you really are. It only shows how much of an ass you are. Literally.

Not sure what the whole story is in this video, but this woman’s behavior is somewhat immature. Yes it’s somewhat funny, but still in the category of immature. Moral of the story is. Never show your ass in front of a police officer.

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Sh*tting Your Pants Is Never Good

Eating your favorite foods can ruin your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult. When your body doesn’t agree with what you’re putting in your body. Sometimes it will need to get rid of whatever it’s talking in as soon as it can.

This poor little girl is being honest with herself and the people talking with her. Shitting your pants after eating or rather you have an important interview in career happens when you least expect it. Remember. Life is extremely shitty some days.

A Sign In Washington, D.C. Misspelled “Virginia” As “Virgina”

Spelling is hard and if it’s your job to spell street signs in a major city. Use spell check and ask questions if you’re not sure how to spell something. Washington, D.C. likes to complain about how Americans sometimes spell “the District of Columbia” as COLOMBIA…with an O, like the country. But they aren’t expert spellers either and it shows.

A local there recently noticed that the city had a typo on a “Virginia Avenue” street sign. It was missing the last “I”…so it’s V-I-R-G-I-N-A.  (That could be pronounced: “Vir-Gin-Uh”…”Vir-Gee-Nuh”…or, my favorite, “Vir-JYE-nuh”).

It sounds like only one sign was misspelled…the one at the intersection of Virginia Avenue and 18th Street. And it may already be replaced. Hopefully.

This past Friday, a city official said, “it was a printing error on behalf of our contractor.  They’re already taking it down, and it should be replaced before close of business.” 

Soon To Be Dad, Jon Pardi, Was Pranked On Stage Courtesy Of Lainey Wilson And Hailey Whitters

When artists prank each other on stage it’s all for a good laugh. This was apparently prank #2 with Lainey Wilson and Hailey Whitters.

Jon Pardi made the announcement with “People” that he’s going to be a first time dad. Pardi posted pictures of him and his wife on his socials with the caption, “well, it happened. No plans, no timing, just a gift from God. I’m ready for it.”

So, Lainey Wilson and Hailey Whitters used their prank #2 to show Jon Pardi some love and to congratulate him on the amazing news.

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Is Kelsea Ballerini’s Divorce Causing Her to Change Song Lyrics?

Kelsea Ballerini’s divorce from Morgan Evans may be altering her music. During her show at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday she switched up the lyrics on two different songs.

During What I Have…she changed “I got a warm body in bed” to “I got my own body in bed.”  And in Get Over Yourself…instead of “I’m the crazy ex that wrecks your life” she sang “I’m the crazy bitch that wrecks your life”.

Her fans are a loyal bunch because they recognized the difference.

According to reports both changes were “met with a roar of applause” from the audience. Here’s one more lyric-related thing. Kelsea’s new album “Subject to Change” came out Friday (9/23/22) and the song “Doin’ My Best” hints at a falling out with her friend, Halsey. 

Check it out . . .

“I was friends with a pop star

I put ’em on track four but

Wish I could take it back

I would’ve never asked

If I knew we wouldn’t talk anymore.” 

Mitchell Tenpenny Is Moonlighting At Weddings As Beer Boy

Weddings are time for love with family and friends. Ring barriers are needed and decorating properly for the big day is a necessity. Finding the perfect music entertainment is important. Deciding rather or not it will it be held indoors or outdoors is an important decision. Crying, laughing and sometimes a lot of drinking happens.

Mitchell Tenpenny posted on Instagram his recent wedding duties and he looked like he was enjoying himself. He captioned the post with, “if anyone needs a beer boy at their wedding just let me know!” He probably doesn’t come cheap, but a beer boy or beer girl at any wedding is a must have after seeing this.

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Hammocks Should Come With A Warning Sign

Hammocks are a staple in life. It’s something that’s been used for centuries to lay in and enjoy life. A place you can forget about everything going on.

Hammocks are known to cause serious injuries and embarrassment. They are also known to extremely hard to lay down in and get comfortable. Hospitals have been known to treat serious hammock injuries over the years. Now I don’t have actual stats on this…I’m just assuming after watching this video.

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Being Outdoors With Kids Can Be Dangerous

Being outdoors is refreshing and beautiful. Only when it’s not 107 degrees outside with a heat index of 114. Heat sweat and exhaustion is bullshit. Anyway. Being outdoors is refreshing.

Now being outdoors with kids can an adventure all within itself. All it takes is a split second for something amazing or scary as hell to happen. Always and I mean always keep an eye on your kids when they’re trying something…like rolling a log off a cliff.

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STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: How To Steal A Car And Get It Stuck in Wet Pavement

This almost seems like one of those old cartoons where a bad guy tries to run, but gets caught in quicksand. Cartoons were better in the 80s and 90s by the way. Some woman recently stole a Mini Cooper in the Seattle area, and she blew through some barricades trying to get away. It’s what criminals do.

The roadblock was there because a crew was pouring FRESH CEMENT (I’m sure the construction crew was pissed)…and the car immediately got stuck in it. And we’re not talking about a couple of inches of sidewalk cement…it looked about a foot deep.

After getting stuck, the driver threw a TV…an Instant Pot…and a half-empty bottle of whiskey out of the car before trying to leave the scene. She got out and tried to run away, with her four-year-old son.

Someone called 911, and the police caught and arrested the driver for driving under the influence, domestic violence theft, negligent driving, and hit-and-run property damage. Talk about a great day in criminal land.