Casey Donahew Talks New Music

We hopped on Casey Donahew’s bus at the Grizzly Rose to talk about new music that he has coming soon.

Tattoos and Tarot with the Cadillac Three

We got to hang out on the tour bus with the Cadillac Three before their show at the Ogden Theater in Denver. They were very cool laid back guys. We decided the best way to spend our time with them would be to play “Hillbilly Tarot” a game that I made up using Drunk, Stoned or Stupid cards. -Amber

We’re Starting a Band

My day at the Billy Currington concert was very long. It started at 4:30am when I woke up and wasn’t over until I finally hit my pillow at 11:30pm that night. There was a lot going on and our video interview with Billy Currington got canceled. It was definitely an interesting day. -Amber


Chris Janson Fixed me a Drink

We traveled to Chicago at the beginning of July to catch the 15 in a 30 tour with Chris Janson, Maren Morris and Sam Hunt. Before the show we had a chance to hang out with Chris by his bus. And we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask him to fix a drink. Click on the video to see what Chris mixes up.

Stalking Tucker Beathard

I got to have dinner with Tucker Beathard once. Before you decide that’s cool, let me be more specific. I got to have dinner with Tucker Beathard and about 30 other people, which was super cool. But I didn’t want it to sound cooler than it actually was. While he was bombarded by the other 29 people at the table I decided to hang back and snapchat my experience from afar. Which totally felt like stalking…but I’m pretty sure technically it wasn’t. -Amber

Not Interviewing Aubrie Sellers

We went to an artist showcase for Aubrie Sellers. If you don’t know…Aubrie’s mom just happens to be Lee Ann Womack. I still get nervous when I meet artists…I still get nervous when I meet all people. But somehow I always manage to embarrass myself when it comes to meeting famous people. So, when I met Aubrie I asked her the first and only question that came into my head…”Were you in the ‘I hope you dance’ video?” Cause you know…when you’re trying to get people to check out your new music…you want them to ask questions about your mom. Sorry, Aubrie. I really do think YOU kick ass! -Amber