Miller High Life Is In The Ice Cream Business Now

Miller High Life is selling alcoholic ice cream bars that are supposed to taste like an actual bar and they’re name is priceless. They’re called “Dive Bars” and they’re 5% alcohol. Which that ain’t bad for alcohol…drinking…I mean eating.

Each bar has beer-flavored ice cream…with a hint of tobacco smoke flavoring….a peanut swirl, because everyone bar patron knows a good dive bar has free peanuts…and of course there’s a gooey caramel swirl to represent the sticky floor.

The first ice cream bar…original Klondikes…came out 100 years ago in 1922.  So Miller decided to jump on their anniversary bandwagon. Why the hell not!

They’re selling these Dive Bar six-packs through the site for the low price of $36.  Wait…that’s $6 per bar. Slow your roll Miller High Life. Most of us are on a budget at the moment.

The shipping could more than double that though, because they have to ship it with dry ice, which isn’t cheap. (For example, it’s an additional $45 to ship to California…damn California.)

You have to be at least 21 years old to order. Obviously. Personally. I love a good dive bar, but I don’t want to taste one.

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