Blake Shelton’s Song “No Body” Had Me At Dixie Cup Martini

Blake Shelton’s new song “No Body” is out and the video is a flash back to the days of country line dancing, smoke filled bars (usually with Marlboro Reds, Camel and Doral cigarettes) and the days of mullets. Yes. Even the men had perms under the neon lights where you could enjoy a dollar longneck beer until 11pm.

This video looks like it was blast to make. Blake brought his signature look back with this one. His hair was flowing from underneath a cowboy hat. Even the band was straight up out of a 90s small town country cover band (they were always on point). The lead guitar player is wearing the famous Brooks & Dunn fire shirt. Which always meant the night was going to be lit and of course the song mentions Conway on the stereo. Lord knows Conway on the stereo meant shit was getting real.

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2 thoughts on “Blake Shelton’s Song “No Body” Had Me At Dixie Cup Martini

  1. I’m not a big country fan but boy I really like this song. It’s just happily infectious. Loved the video as well. My husband, who is a country music fan, loved identifying the clever nod to 90s songs.


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