Luke Combs Refunded Every Fan In Bangor, Maine And Still Played His Show(s)

Luke Combs might be a saint walking among us. A saint who can shotgun a beer in under 15 seconds, but still a saint. He kicked off the fall leg of his “Middle Of Nowhere” tour this past weekend with back to back nights at the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor, Maine.

On Friday. Night one of Luke’s two night stay in Maine. Luke saw a sign a couple of kids that read:

“We made $100 bucks stacking 5 cords of wood, bought two Luke Combs tickets… man, he sounds good. Our dads swore it was a waste of time but they were wrong. Today’s my 12th birthday, oh Lord when it rains it pours.”

Luke stopped the show to address them. He pulled out his wallet, and handed them $140 dollars to cover the cost of their tickets, and then later invited them backstage to hang out, sign some autographs, and pay them the full the $200 for their tickets. Which also appears their dads were wrong about their work being a waste of time.

Saturday night in Maine hours before night two, Luke Combs, made the decision to keep his promise and play. Even though his voice was not up to par for working on night two. Luke hit the stage for work and made the announcement to refund every fan in attendance while still giving them the best free show possible. Like we said. Luke might possibly be saint among us.

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