STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: One Farm Got Caught Using ‘Raw Human Waste’ As Fertilizer

Farming is extremely hard and this is just nasty. Some people also don’t appreciate good, locally grown, organic produce.

This small farm in southern Michigan just had a bunch of its vegetables pulled from stores…because they were using RAW HUMAN WASTE as fertilizer.

The name of the farm is Kuntry Gardens.  Michigan’s Department of Agriculture issued a warning on Monday and said they’d been using “raw, untreated human waste” to grow their vegetables.

At least 11 different stores have been selling their stuff, including zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, and green peppers.

Human waste can carry diseases like hepatitis A and norovirus, or have E. coli bacteria in it. So that’s why they issued the warning.

At least one store has already cut ties with the farm and said they won’t sell their stuff anymore. It sounds like other stores might follow suit. 


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