Garth Brooks Announced Another Vegas Residency

Garth Brooks will be doing a Vegas residency next year.  “Garth Brooks/Plus ONE” will be at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Here’s why he’s calling it Plus One. Garth said, “we’re gonna try something we’ve never tried before. The band is coming, but it’s a one-man show. They’re going to sit in the audience.

“So at any time you want a fiddle to come up and join you, any time you just want percussion and background to come up and sing, or it’s just you…or, let’s bring the whole band up and do ‘Friends in Low Places’. This should be stupid.”

He also said Trisha Yearwood will sing in the show and there will be other “occasional” guests. The run will feature dates in May, June, and July…and then in November and December.

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