STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Coors Light’s New Nail Polish Changes Color When Your Beer Is Cold

If you’ve had a Coors Light, you probably know how the can or bottle can change color based on how cold it is. That’s because Coors Light is God’s gift to beer drinkers.

Now they’re expanding that technology, with a NAIL POLISH that changes color when your Coors Light is cold enough.

The idea is that the color-changing label doesn’t help when you’re drinking from a pint glass. So now, you’ll know if it’s cold enough by gripping the beer and looking at your fingernails.

Coors Light Chill Polish is available for $7 per bottle at They’ll be releasing it in batches through the end of the year. If you haven’t ordered from Coors Light’s online shop before…which you haven’t…there will be a prompt that will get you $5 off your first order. 

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