Zach Bryan “Never” Wants To Be Considered For A CMA Award

Zach Bryan’s fans were very upset that he got zero CMA nominations this year. They had good reason, and we’ll get to that in a moment. Let’s start with how he responded to their concerns on Twitter.

Zach said, “guys, I don’t and will never want to be considered at the CMAs. My pride is fine, and I appreciate all the love and support, and I say it with every ounce of respect to other country artists.”

A few minutes later he said award shows are “outdated systems” and he’d rather laugh at them than “be butt hurt over it.” He also said artists who “do a task solely to be awarded for it shouldn’t be doing the task at all.”

Somebody asked if he thinks artists are only doing it for awards. He said, “no, I don’t. There are many talented artists that deserve awards and will be awarded, but some don’t care about a silly TV program to need an award in the first place.”

Then he closed it off by saying this is his personal perspective. Zach said, “to be clear, I’m not trying to insult the validity of a CMA. I respect any artist who receives one and the existence of them. I’m just saying on a personal level it is not one of my priorities to have awards on a shelf in my home. There’s room for more important things there.”

Every award show has snubs. But Zach is different. He built his career by doing it his way, and he’s killing it. If the CMAs never call, he’ll be fine.  But WHEN they do, and you know they will, it’ll be fascinating to see how he responds.

Okay, here are a few reasons that Zach had a CMA-worthy year. His album “American Heartbreak” broke single-day streaming records on multiple platforms. It also debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart.

His song “Something in the Orange” is at #3 on the Hot Country Songs chart. He’s selling out festivals and shows wherever he goes, and he’ll be headlining next summer’s Rock the South Festival, alongside Chris Stapleton.

Zach Bryan got snubbed by the CMAs last week, and it almost happened again with the Grammys. His song “Something in the Orange” get a nod for “Best Country Solo Performance” , but that’s it.

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