People Are Mocking Volkswagen Over Their Instagram Handle…Cause It’s A Little Stupid

One of the post-Thanksgiving memes on social media was inspired by Volkswagen’s Italian Instagram account. Not the content, which heavily features a former Italian soccer player but the HANDLE itself.

The handle for the account is “@VolkswagenItalia,” which makes sense (how…I’m not really sure). It’s all one word and it can look like something else if you break it up at a different spot as in Volkswa Genitalia.

People are just noticing this, and it’s going viral online.  Volkswagen hasn’t commented and even if they do, they probably won’t change it. This wasn’t just an unfortunate, recent oversight, they’ve had this handle for YEARS.

A post on Twitter said, “Volkswagen Italy, please never change your Instagram handle.” 

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