A Cole Swindell Scammer Convinced Two Idiots To Enter “Cole’s House”

Being famous can be a little bizarre some days. An online scammer pretending to be Cole Swindell convinced two idiots that they could visit Cole’s house in Ellendsburg, Washington. Which is about 100 miles southeast of Seattle. I’m

Obviously, Cole doesn’t live there, but the two guys who got scammed didn’t know that, so off they went. No one was home when they got there, so they entered through an unlocked door.  

Luckily, the real homeowner saw it on his security camera, and called the cops. Meanwhile, a neighbor also noticed something was up. When the police arrived he told them “two unknown individuals” were inside the house. 

When confronted…the guys told their Cole Swindell story and the cops realized the whole thing was a scam. The homeowner was so happy it wasn’t a burglary, he decided not to press charges.

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