Some People Are Just Finding Out Nutcrackers Can Crack Nuts

The name of this product couldn’t be clearer. How in the hell do some people not know this?

Apparently a bunch of people have been posting on social media after realizing NUTCRACKERS can actually crack nuts.  

It seems like most of them are young people who’ve only experienced pre-shelled nuts that come in bags. So, they’ve never had to remove the shells…or maybe didn’t realize nuts HAVE shells. Ignorance is real y’all.

Meanwhile, older people are amazed by how some people didn’t know “nutcrackers” can crack nuts. It’s literally the entire name.

Some people who didn’t know might just think of the play “The Nutcracker”.  Maybe they assumed the doll versions came from that, and never thought about it.

If you didn’t know and want to try, just be careful. A lot of nutcrackers today are decorative and NOT really meant to crack nuts. So, they may not have the oomph to do it, and you’ll just snap the handle off. 

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