STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: If You Eat 25 Jimmy John’s Sandwiches, You Could Win A Bean Bag Chair

If your New Year’s resolutions were to widen your horizons…eat more carbs….and expand your seating options in your living room, then Jimmy John’s has a promotion for you.

They updated their rewards program, and if you sign up for it and eat all 25 sandwiches on their menu, you could earn a brand new BEAN BAG CHAIR. It’s exciting. I know.

It’s not one of those fancy, classy ones by the way. It’s a basic bean bag…that looks like a giant bag of their potato chips. Oh…they’re claiming that it’s a $250 bean bag.

If you’re interested, you have to eat all 25 sandwiches by March 15th…and they only have 100 of these bean bag chairs, so you might have to eat them faster than that, because it sounds like it’s first-come, first-served.

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