Granger Smith Announced That He’s Leaving Country Music To Pursue Ministry

Granger Smith has found a higher calling. He’s retiring from country music to pursue ministry. He announced it yesterday in a video posted online.

Granger said in the video, “I’m making this post to announce this summer is my last tour.  I have felt a strong desire to pursue ministry.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to start a church or revival.  It means that me and my family are going to serve our local church. 

“We’re going to pour into that church as members, and have my pastors and elders pour into me and teach me as I sit under their wise teaching. And then Lord willing, one day, they will affirm me into the next steps of what that might look like to glorify God best from my platform.” 

He added that he’s been attending school working towards a master’s degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

On August 1st he’s releasing a book called “Like a River:  Finding the Faith and Strength to Move Forward After Loss and Heartache”. He said, “it’s about from when I lost my son River to when we had Maverick, and everything in between.”

Granger’s farewell tour is also called “Like a River” and tickets for that go on sale this Friday. He says the shows will be all about the fans. Granger said, “this tour’s not about me. It’s about the people that have supported me for so long.

“Let’s make sure we get as many people on the stage as we can. ‘Has your dream always been to sing the chorus of my song? Come on up. Here’s a microphone. I’ve done it a thousand times, now you get to do it.'”

He may be retiring, but once a musician, always a musician. He said, “The guitars are a big part of our house…and singing and dancing and kitchen parties.  That will never go away.”

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