Cody Johnson Announced His Album “Leather” Will Be A Double Album

While he was headlining Country Thunder Arizona, the CMA winner dropped some big news for country music fans.

During an interview Cody Johnson made the announcement about his new album “Leather”. Looks like we’re getting a double album from COJO. Of course we’re definitely fine with that.

He said it will include 24 tracks on the new album and these songs will be some of the “best round of songs I have ever recorded.” Cody is know for his energy shows and for putting out some damn good country music.

“I wanna go ahead and sneak peek, I’m working on a new double album. It’ll be 24 tracks total. This round of 24 songs I have to say is the best round of songs I have ever recorded and I feel like that’s the way it should be.

Each album should outdo the last one. There’s some fun stuff, I think the theme of this new album is fun. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a ballad or whether it’s tongue-in-cheek kinda fun. It all has to be fun, it all has to make you kind of want to move around and bob your head a little bit”

Cody also recently reviled in an interview with CMT that Carrie Underwood will be joining him on the new project as well.

While there’s no exact date for this new album yet, COJO is shooting for it to drop by the end of 2023.

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