Trace Adkins Shows Us What Memorial Day Means With ‘Empty Chair’

Trace Adkins has always done our military right and shows what patriotism means. This new song the ‘Empty Chair’ is just another example of reminding people what our military means.

Memorial Day isn’t just about getting 3 days off from work to barbecue and drink. Which is great. Who doesn’t enjoy being away for the boss and work. Memorial Day is about remembering our military who fought for us to even have a free weekend to do as we wish and remember that some of them that never made it back home. They never made it home, because they gave their all for us.

Military people who give their all for our country deserve all of our respect and not just one weekend a month. Drink for them on Memorial Day. Drink for them every weekend. Raise a glass for them every chance you can. They deserve to be respected and remembered for giving their lives for our pursuit to whatever the hell makes us free and happy in life. This song from Trace Adkins is the perfect reminder of what our military sacrifices for us.

God bless the men and women who gave their all for us and thank you Trace Adkins for another great reminder with the ‘Empty Chair’.

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