Relationship Advice from Maddie & Tae

We sat down in a 1998 camper with Maddie & Tae. We talked about their new music, a potential television show about Amazon addiction and they encouraged Amber to slide into the DM’s. She’s gonna be the test subject for their new YouTube series about relationship advice….if she ever gets a reply. (Ouch!)


Tattoos and Tarot with the Cadillac Three

We got to hang out on the tour bus with the Cadillac Three before their show at the Ogden Theater in Denver. They were very cool laid back guys. We decided the best way to spend our time with them would be to play “Hillbilly Tarot” a game that I made up using Drunk, Stoned or Stupid cards. -Amber

Nuclear War, Video Games & The Cadillac Three

We got the chance to hang out and chat with The Cadillac Three on their tour bus in Denver. It was an awesome conversation. But somehow Brian managed to take the conversation from video games to nuclear war. I hope I never understand how his brain works. The guys in The Cadillac Three are really cool though. You should check out the video! -Amber