Mainstream Country Radio Missed Another Hit From Casey Donahew

Casey Donahew has been making country music professionally since 2006 when he released ‘Last Days’ and he’s never slowed down.

Casey has a solid following and he’s gained that following from putting out country music that relates to the country music fan who truly lives the country lifestyle. Guess you can say Casey has done it his way and he never apologizes for being a flag waving American cowboy from the “Stockyards” of Fort Worth, Texas.

Casey Donahew’s latest single ”Telling on My Heart” from his ‘Built Different’ album is his newest #1 on the True Indie Radio Chart. It should’ve been a number on Billboard or Mediabase…but we’re a little biased. Been a fan of Casey since day one. There a lot of great country songs that aren’t getting the national recognition they deserve and to be honest…it’s okay.

In todays world of Spotify, iTunes and Amazon music playlists. Great country music can be found easily just by turning off the radio sometimes and finding a playlist that fits your life. Don’t forget the radio though, because there are some good ones still standing strong out there.

Congrats Casey on your new #1! For more country music stream our Hillbilly Live playlist on Spotify!

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